Kentucky Supreme Court deciding whether state’s right-to-work law is legal

The Kentucky Supreme Court is considering whether the state’s right-to-work law violates Kentucky’s Constitution.

The court heard arguments about the case on Friday, a few days after voters in Missouri rejected a similar law.

Gov. Matt Bevin’s attorney, Chad Meredith, son of State Sen. Steve Meredith, said 27 other states have similar laws, and no appellate court has ever struck them down.

The Right-to-work law allows workers opt out of paying union dues or fees, even if they benefit from labor contracts negotiated by the union. The GOP-controlled General Assembly passed the law in January 2017, with labor unions quickly suing.

Attorney Irwin Cutler told The Associated Press the law violates the state constitution’s ban on special legislation. He says the law targets labor unions, making it illegal.

(Photo: Kentucky Supreme Court)

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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