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R.L. and Betty Steff were presented with a Beautification Award Monday, June 3, 2013, by Mayor William Thomason.
Posted: Wednesday, 05 June 2013 11:01AM

Beautification Awards for Leitchfield Citizens

(Leitchfield, KY) – The Leitchfield City Council is taking the extra step to recognize those who have made an effort to make the City of Leitchfield more appealing through curb appeal.
Those pat-on-the-back moments came Monday evening when three Beautification Awards were presented.
The first was presented to Dwight & Tammy Embry, who recently restored the nostalgia to a building on the Public Square.  The store now host new black awnings and new doors and windows and has been stripped down to its natural brick interior walls on the inside. 
The second award was presented to R.L. & Betty Steff for the cleanup efforts they made at the corner of Brandenburg Road and Cave Mill Road.
Not in attendance but recognized was Chester Coffey and JoeBrad & Cindy Hudson for the revitalization of the property they own on West Main Street.  The three buildings got a new brightly colored paint job last year and overall cleanup.
In other city business:
The council heard and approved the 1st reading of the Utilities Revenue Refunding Bond Ordinance.  Chip Sutherland, Hilliard Lions, and Christian Juckett, Rubin & Hayes Law Office, presented the ordinance saying the bond would be for $2.83 million and the idea is to save money on a lower interest rate.  Sutherland said they would be watching the interest rates and would not sell the bonds unless they found the interest rates to be low enough that it would save the city money.  Juckett gave kudos to the utilities commission saying they had maintained very low debt for the department.
Mayor Thomason gave his Budget Message Presentation, saying the budget committee was faced with a $1.6 million deficit and no city department was left out of the budget cuts.  He did say the city would move forward with a few projects.  This year’s budget will include the Embry Brothers Drive widening project, improvements to Shaw Station Road for the new school board central office construction, new equipment for the public works department, and two new vehicles for the police department.  The council approved the 1st reading of the Amended Budget Ordinance and the Proposed Budget Ordinance.
The council heard and approved the 2nd reading of the Solid Waste Ordinance and Insurance Premium Tax Rate Ordinance.  Those increases in revenue will not balance the budget but will generate much more revenue for the city.  The new rates are broken down as follows:
With the garbage rate increase of 10% for the first four years and then a matching increase of the Ohio Co. Bale Field annually, the proposed revenue generated will be:
Year 1: $ 86,800
Year 2: $182,280
Year 3: $287,308
Year 4: $402,839
The 4% IPTR generated $400,000 annually for the city, and was added in 1985 as a way to pay for the city’s fire and police departments.  The new 8% rate will now generate $800,000 yearly.
The Leitchfield Police Department received two new Dodge Charges Tuesday morning, May 21, 2013, the day after the city approved to buy the Dodge Charges.  The department is still waiting on two new Chevrolet Impalas they ordered from Dan Powers several months back.  The stall is due to the vehicle being back ordered.  Chief Kevin Henderson said the two new Chargers will be outfitted, lettered and in commission by next week.
Chief Henderson also thanked Councilman Elder for information he gave him of a grant that would cover 75% of the costs of a new officer for three years, with a one year commitment to the officer after the three year period.  He also said he was working on grants for new equipment for the department.
Chief Henderson also commented on how nice the new Leitchfield Firefighters Park had turned out and how he is hoping the community will be the eyes and ears of the police department at times the officers are not patrolling the park.  He requested that anytime people are seen at the park after dark and it seems suspicious to please call central dispatch and have an officer sent to the area.  He said the department already has four suspects for questioning in connection to the most recent vandalism that left mud smeared on doors and a water fountain damaged.
The council approved bids for the rock and asphalt materials (Scotty’s), surface and base asphalt (Scotty’s), excavation and earthwork (Budco), and concrete materials (Lowes and IMI were both approved).  Public Works Director Darrell Harrell presented the bids and his recommendations to the council.

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