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Posted: Friday, 17 February 2017 5:52AM

Bills advance in General Assembly that would require public schools offer a Bible history class; make students pass civics test

Public schools in Kentucky would be required to offer a course on Bible history, and have students pass a civics test before graduating, under two proposals that are advancing in the state Senate.

On Thursday, the Senate Education Committee voted to approve Senate Bills 138 and 159.

Senate Bill 159 would require students to pass a civics test before graduating; the same test that immigrants must pass before becoming U.S. citizens, according to media reports. Senate Bill 138 would require schools to offer an elective social studies course on the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Supporters of the bill say the Bible is critical to understanding the culture and history of the United States, while the Kentucky Council of Churches and the ACLU oppose the bill, claiming it hurts religious freedom.

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