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A High Five for Daily 5
Clarkson Kindergarteners began the year with a new Reading Program - Daily 5. They are finishing as published authors. Each of the five kindergarten classes compiled their favorite readings from the past school year into a very special book for their classmates and the whole school to enjoy. They recently gathered to proudly show off their accomplishments – and their books. In addition to copies for their classrooms, each class donated a copy to the school library as well.

Daily 5 gives students five structured ways to enjoy learning to read each school day. Sessions are spread throughout the day, alternating the entire class with small groups and individual reading times.  The “Daily 5” includes reading to self, reading to someone when students will pair up with a partner, working on writing, listening to reading which gives new readers an opportunity to hear a book read to them while they follow along, and word work which gives students different means to create, sort or put words in order.

The Daily 5 is a structure designed to help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy.  
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