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Devestating fire destoys mobile home in Wax

The Clarkson Fire Department responded to a mobile home fire at 263 River Bend Lane in Wax this morning around 10:00. The resident, Lydia Davis, and her grandson, quickly evacuated the burning structure with no injuries, although Davis’ dog died in the fire.

Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters were alerted by Davis’ son -- who lives in a home about 75 yards from the burning trailer -- that “several thousand rounds of ammunition” and multiple firearms were located at one end of the burning structure. Additionally, a propane tank sat only feet away from the burning mobile home.

Firemen quickly retrieved the ammunition and firearms, without incident, from the burning home.The propane tank maintained its integrity, but was damaged beyond repair by the intense heat of the fire.

It was quickly determined that the fire began at one end of the mobile home near an electrical space heater located next to a garage, which had been built as an addition to the mobile home.The extent of the damage done to the trailer rendered it nearly impossible to determine what material came in contact with the heater, causing the fire.

Farmer’s RECC was called to the scene to disconnect electrical lines on a nearby pole.

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