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Posted: Monday, 16 June 2014 12:22PM

Mayor: Businessman wanted 300k investment from city to help restore Alexander Hotel

The demolition notice posted on the front door of the Alexander Hotel by the Louisville Law Firm of Goldberg Simpson in early June has garnered intense interest within the community, but questions as to when or why the demolition will occur have gone unanswered.

Michael Elmore, a businessman who showed an interest in renovating the Alexander Hotel and Alice Theater a few months ago, has dropped his plans to refurbish the property. Elmore's business blueprint included a restaurant, free moving showings, and turning the hotel into an "institute" for at-risk women to learn culinary and restaurant management skills.

When asked what brought an end to his interest in the hotel, Elmore pointed a finger at the City of Leitchfield, saying, “The city was less than cooperative,” in aiding in his endeavor.

Elmore declined to offer additional insight.

Considering Elmore’s proposed plan was a private business venture, exactly what type of cooperation he was asking for from the city is curious, indeed.

“He was wanting us (the city) to put up approximately $300,000.00,” Mayor William Thomason said in response to what cooperation Elmore was looking for. “I’d rather not get into this because the city doesn’t have any responsibility to get involved with the” development of the property. “What if it doesn’t” work out? “Then I’d own the city $300,000.00.”

The Mayor declined to offer further comment.

Multiple attempts to reach Kelli Brown, the Goldberg Simpson attorney whose name appears on the demolition notice, were unsuccessful.

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