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Posted: Tuesday, 01 July 2014 2:06PM

Two Metro Louisville Police Detectives involved in altercation in Brownsville

Off-duty Louisville Metro Police Detectives Benjamin Lunte and Amanda Frederick were involved in an altercation with two other people on June 20 at a residence on Elder Lane in Brownsville. The incident occurred on the property of Jason Gardner, also from Louisville, and additionally involved Julie Robinson of Louisville.

The Edmonson County Sheriff’s Department and Brownsville City Police responded to the scene to discover only minor injuries incurred by the parties, with all of the injured refusing medical treatment.

After an investigation, it was found that Gardner, the property owner, and Frederick, were at one time involved in a relationship. Lunte and Frederick both claimed they went to the home to only talk to Gardner and Robinson, while Gardner and Robinson claimed the two detectives arrived at the house and immediately instigated a confrontation that allegedly became physical in nature.

No arrests were made at the scene, but police referred all parties to the Edmonson County Attorney’s Office.

On June 23, all involved in the altercation traveled to the Edmonson County Attorney’s Office and filed complaints. As a result of the complaints being filed were charges of fourth degree assault, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct brought against both Lunte and Frederick. Gardner and Robinson were charged with fourth degree assault and domestic violence.

According to the Edmonson County Sheriff's Department, all parties have been served and are awaiting court hearings.

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