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Posted: Monday, 30 September 2013 10:59AM

Wind Gust Forces SUV And Camper Into WK Parkway Median

(Clarkson, KY)  A gust of wind from a semi truck reportedly forced an SUV pulling a travel trailer into the median of the Western Kentucky Parkway at 5:45pm Friday evening, snarling traffic for more than 2 hours.
45 year old Leonardo Ruiz of Louisville was pulling a camper with his Nissan Pathfinder when he says a gust at the 112 mile marker forced him to lose control, began to swerve before overturning the vehicle and the 16 foot travel trailer.  The travel trailer was destroyed with parts and pieces landing in both East and West lanes of the parkway.  Grayson County EMS transported 2 passengers to the Emergency Room at Twin Lakes Regional.  Injuries were reported to be minor.
As the cleanup of the accident was nearing a close, Grayson County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Hammons says three deputies observed a West bound tractor trailer travelling 70 miles per hour as it moved through the accident scene, narrowly avoiding a collision with a cruiser.  The truck, driven by Bradly McKinnies of Milan Michigan reportedly cut off a Leitchfield Fire Department unit who was also travelling West.  McKinnies was stopped, arrested, lodged and charged with reckless driving and 3 counts of Wanton Endangerment in the 1st Degree.

(Photos Courtesy Of GCSO Deputy Bryan Hammons)

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