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Mardi Gras Recipes

It’s almost Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, refers to events of the Carnival celebration, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Leading up to Lent,

Valentine’s Day History, Jokes, and More

Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, holiday (February 14) when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. The holiday has origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The festival, which celebrated the

Valentines Day Treats

Valentines Day is just around the corner! Only 8 days to plan how you are going to woo that special person in your life. What kind of gift do you get? What will they like? Well… You

Winter Crafts for the Kids

During the winter months we are always searching for ways to keep the kids entertained. Crafts are a great way to let your kid get creative and get them away from the tv/tablet screen. From Egg Carton