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GCHS Vocational School Awards
Grayson County Vocational School teachers presented awards to deserving students on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012.  Students were recognized for their leadership skills, test scores and overall achievements in Carpentry, Skills USA, Electricity, Automotive, HOSA and DECA.  Photos by Misty Thomas
Ms Priest-Kristen Davis
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Benny Day & Logan Hart - Copy

Roger Duvall-Chris Belcher

Larry Baker-Jacob Kerr

Benny Day & Logan Hart

Roger Duvall-Aaron Martin

Ms Priest-Nerisa Rodriguez

Jeff Kiper-Zac Newsome

Ms Priest-Katie Lyons

Cynthia Smith-Leah Zurmerhly

Ms Priest-Lauren Brooks

Ms Priest-Nerisa Rodriguez (2)

Roger Duvall-Nicolas Dunnavert

Cynthia Smith-Ashton Filburn

Ms Priest-Ariel McCombs

Ms Priest-Kristen Davis

Cynthia Smith-Dawn Dunaway

Larry Baker-Damien Newton

Jeff Kiper-Larrya Lucas

Cynthia Smith-Madi Thomas
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