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California Gold Rush
State DECA conference concluded with 21 GCHS students taking first place honors, 13 second place winners, 8 in third place, 3 in fourth and 15 finalists. Students placing in the top three in most competitive events will head to the national conference next month in California.

The chapter and individual members also received honors. Leah Zurmehly was selected Kentucky DECA Member of the Year Award and Ashton Filburn was elected State DECA Vice President of Membership for the coming year. DECA Advisor Cynthia Smith was awarded the National DECA Advisor of the Year Award. The GCHS chapter was recognized as the second largest in the state, won the national membership campaign award, and received a participation award for the Unite to Read project, headed by Rachel Downs and Kelsey Embry.

Winners and placement included 1st place: Lauren Allen,  Katie Atkins, Alexis Schmidt, Community Service Project;  Hannah  Ashley, Jessica Hughes, Marketing Communications Team; Logan Nichols, Abi Powell, International Business Plan; Kacie Blain, Ashton Filburn, Creative Marketing Project; Karlie Blain, Principles of Marketing; McKenzie Bryant, Quick Serve Restaurant Management; Dawn Dunaway, Tara Dunaway, Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan; Kendra Goodman, Hotel and Lodging Management    ; Logan Hart, Principles of Business Management & Administration;  Jackson Henderson, Human Resources Management;  Kateline Metcalfe, Logan Stevenson, Madyson Wieland, Public Relations Project; Kenadie Minton, Entrepreneurship Participating, Franchise; Leah    Zurmehly, Entrepreneurship Written; 2nd place: Braxton Bratcher, Retail Merchandising; Alisha Brown, Madi Thomas, Entrepreneurship Written; Austin Clemons, Automotive Services Marketing; Bret Crawford, Maggie Lush, Tyler White, International Business Plan; Rachael Downs, Kelsey Embry, Public Relations Project; Corbin    Harris, Jordan Horsley, Ben Nelson, Financial Literacy Promotion Plan; Megan Poindexter, Creative Marketing Project; 3rd place: James Childress, Retail Merchandising; Ivanna Coffey, Automotive Services Marketing; Jacob Hart, Hotel and Lodging Management; Rebecca Higdon, Business Law & Ethics; KristenTilford, Business Law & Ethics; Catey Logsdon, Dana Lucas, Buying and Merchandising Team; Machala    Perkins, Community Service Project; 4th place: Bryce Bratcher, Automotive Services Marketing;  Zach    Downs, Business Finance; Samual Embry, Principles of Marketing; Alisa Johnston, Hotel and Lodging Management; Finalists: Alex Burden, Sports and Entertainment Series; Jessica Curd,  Sarah Pierce, Financial Services Team; Kristen Davis, Lauren Risinger, Hospitality Services Team; Dylan    Decker, Abbey Gibson, Marketing Communications Team; Ross Embry, Business Services Marketing; Emma Escue,  Breanna Minton, Travel and Tourism Marketing; Wyatt Jaggers, Sports and Entertainment Series; Eric Liptak, Principles of Bus. Marketing and Administration; Megan Mudd, Principles of Hospitality; Cody Swift, Business Services Marketing; Kevin Wilson, Principles of Hospitality.    
 In total 61 Grayson County DECA delegates were recognized on stage at the state conference
  Cynthia Smith was honored with a national
DECA Advisor of the Year award.

  Leah Zurmehly was selected Kentucky DECA Member of the Year.

  Ashton Filburn will serve as state VP of Membership    

  Rachel Downs and Kelsey Embry received special recognition for coordinating the Unite to Read project.

Downs Embry
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Rachel Downs and Kelsey Embry received special recognition for coordinating the Unite to Read project.

Ashton Filburn

Downs Embry

Leah Zurmehly

Advisor of the Year

DECA Group
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