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Cathy Dennison read a letter to the fiscal court Friday, May 17, 2013, declaring why she wants the road closed, saying vandalism has been an issue on the property.
Posted: Friday, 17 May 2013 4:29PM

Fiscal Court Closes County Road, Tables Investment Renewal for Industrial Recruiter

(Leitchfield, KY) – A portion of a county roadway that dead-ends was closed Friday morning after a 30 minute public hearing was held.
The request to close the road was made by property owner Cathy Dennison.  Dennison paid a $75 filing fee to close the roadway. 

During a special called meeting earlier in May, Judge-Executive Gary Logsdon appointed two viewers to form opinions and report back to the fiscal court with written recommendations.  Logsdon read those recommendations that differed from each other.
The two viewers were Chris Helm and Darrell Sadler.
Helm wrote that closing the roadway would save the county tax money, would protect from vandalism & trespassers, keep strangers from parking, and keep 4-wheelers off of the private property.
Sadler wrote: “I think the road should not be closed.  There would not be a turnaround at the end of the road.”
Helm also submitted a letter that read:  “Mr. Stanely Dennison and Mr. Clinton Armstrong, former owners of property, worked to take care of said road and maintain.  They did this so the county could take over it and maintain it.  Mr. Armstrongs heirs owns lands on both sides of the road just before you get to the end of Hanging Rock Road.  If someone was to go down the road they would have to back all the way back out, this would be hard for someone to do, especially at night.  If Ms. Dennison wants to put a gate across her property then that is her business but not on a county road.  If someone was to get lost they wouldn’t have a way to turn around.  I see no reason to close the road.”  –Darrell Sadler
The roadway is blacktopped and the county maintains drainage tiles and mowing for the 264’ for roadway.  The county pays approximately $60,000 per mile for blacktop.  The fiscal court said it varied on each road on how often they would blacktop a roadway; it depends on the use and wear & tear.  But they agreed it would be a large savings to county tax payers to not have to maintain the roadway any longer.
The motion was made by Magistrate Bill Skaggs and 2nd by Magistrate Harold Johnson.  Magistrates DePresto Geary and Curtis Wells voted in favor to close the roadway and Magistrates Brad Brown and Jason Dennis voted against the closure.
In other fiscal court business:
The court tabled a request by the City of Leitchfield to contribute $25,000 annually to the salary of Industrial Development Director, Dudley Cooper.  They stated they would like to hear from Dudley Cooper about his accomplishments and plans for the future of the position.  The fiscal court, the hospital board, the City of Leitchfield, and a private donor, each contributes $25,000 annually to the salary. 
The court approved six part-time positions for college ages students for the summer months.  The positions will pay $8 per hour and will be various county jobs.
The court approved a recommendation from Leitchfield Mayor William Thomason to appoint Leon Shaw to the Tax Appeal Board for a term to run from January 2014 – January 2015.
The court approved to place a sign on behalf of the Grayson County Alliance to point people in the direction of the furniture store, operated by the GC Alliance.  R.C. Constant allows the non-profit to store furniture in a building he owns off of Elizabethtown Road in Leitchfield.  The lack of signage lands people in the driveway of resident Danny Gibson, who says he redirects the person to the building.  Gibson said a sign would stop the traffic from knocking on his door.

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