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Posted: Wednesday, 12 June 2013 11:47AM

FSA County Committee Election Nomination Period June 17 – August 1, 2013

The Grayson County Farm Service Agency is beginning the process to elect a County Committee member for the 2014 calendar year.  The County Committee administers Federal Farm Programs at the local level and is responsible for establishing policy and the overall management of each FSA office.

The county committee in Grayson County consists of three members, each member representing a particular area (Local Administrative Area “LAA”) of the county.  This year LAA 1 will hold an election.  LAA 1 includes all farms west of the following line: Beginning at point where hwy 920 enters Grayson County at its northern boundary, south with hwy 920 to intersection with hwy 720 at Tar Hill, east with hwy 720 to intersection with hwy 62, west with hwy 62 to intersection with hwy 2744 (Crow Hollow Road), south with hwy 2744 to intersection with WK prkwy, west with WK Prkwy to intersection with hwy 88, south with hwy 88 to intersection with hwy 226 at Peonia, west with hwy 226 to intersection with hwy 259 at Meredith, south with hwy 259 to Grayson County line…and East of the following line: Beginning at the point where hwy 187 enters Grayson County at it’s southern boundary, north with hwy 187 to intersection with hwy 62, west with hwy 62 to intersection with hwy 2193 (Kefauver Road), at Millwood, north with hwy 2193 to intersection with hwy 54, west with hwy 54 to intersection with hwy 631, north with hwy 631 to intersection with hwy 2196 at Duff, thence a line due north across the northern boundary of Grayson County.

The USDA is committed to a diversified work force and a diversified county committee.  We encourage participation in the election process from minority groups, female organizations and other under-represented producer groups.

Eligible voters have the right to nominate the candidate(s) of their choice by petition.  Blank petitions (FSA-669) can be picked up at the local Farm Service Agency for the LAA up for 2013 election.  A list of eligible voters will be on file at the Grayson County FSA.  Each petition submitted must be:

•    Limited to 1 nominee
•    Signed by the nominee, indicating a willingness to serve, if elected
•    Postmarked  or delivered to the Grayson County FSA office no later than  August 1, 2013
Persons nominated should be currently engaged in the operation of a farm and be well qualified for committee work.  An individual is eligible to be a County FSA Committee member if he or she lives in the LAA and is an eligible voter.  County FSA Committee members may not hold positions in certain farm and community organizations if these positions pose a conflict of interest with FSA duties.  Additional information of eligibility to hold office may be obtained at the county FSA office.

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