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Posted: Tuesday, 09 July 2013 6:46AM

Clarkson Moving Forward on Community Center, Ordinances and Park Projects

(Clarkson, KY) – Mobile businesses that unload will now pay more in yearly fees to have the opportunity to do business in the City of Clarkson.
Clarkson City Commissioners approved the 2nd reading of the Unloading Ordinance during their Monday, July 8, 2013 meeting.
The yearly fee has not been increased in “we don’t know when,” according to Commissioner Bob Vincent, who said the new fee breaks down to .75 cents per week.
The fee increases from $20 to $75 annually and will be payable each year on Sept. 1st
Vincent said many of those companies have increased their fees on a yearly basis, which caused the businesses in Clarkson accepting deliveries, to increase their costs.
City Treasurer Alicia Hayes said it’s just a matter of watching for those vehicles in town to ensure they are all paying their city dues.
That’s not the only ordinance the commissioners are updating.  City Attorney Beth Ratley has been reviewing other Kentucky city ordinances that deal with unsightly properties, in order to find the best avenue to revamp Clarkson’s current ordinance. 
Vincent handed out information he discovered on the KLC (Kentucky League of Cities) website that deals with abandoned or blighted property.  Vincent called it “weapons the city didn’t know they had.” 
The legal avenues the city can pursue include creating, by ordinance, a vacant property review commission to review vacant properties to make a written determination of blight and deterioration.  The city can levy a higher tax rate on abandoned property that is higher than the prevailing rate of taxation on other real property in the city, and the city can condemn a property using eminent domain.  This would allow the city to institute eminent domain proceedings pursuant to KRS Chapter 416 against any property that has been certified as blighted or deteriorated and the owner has failed to correct the deterioration.
The commission took no formal action on the information discovered on KLC’s website, but they did advise City Attorney Ratley to look at the possibilities as she crafted a new ordinance for the city.
Only one bid was received concerning the construction of the city’s new community center/city hall.  The bid was received by Cann Tech Engineering Firm, owned by Larry Cann. 
The bid did not specify an amount for the engineering services. 
The commissioners tabled the issue until Attorney Ratley could review the bid and report back during a special called meeting slated for July 22, 2013.  A time for the meeting has not been set.
A poster of the proposed community center will be placed in various local Clarkson businesses to generate some excitement among locals.  Clerk Hayes will open a bank account at Bank of Clarkson, to afford those who would like to donate to the community center the opportunity to move forward with their donations.  Mayor Bonnie Henderson and Commissioner Kay Gibson agreed they would like to invite all donors to the ground breaking ceremony.
The city is hoping to build the community center/city hall building for $240,000, and will be located on city owned property between the fire department and the post office.
A new basketball court will be available at the Clarkson Park soon.  Park’s Manager Kevin Johnston prepared a materials bid for the city for a total of $8,150.  The city is hoping to utilize inmate labor during the construction to help reduce costs.  Mayor Henderson said the city had the money to move forward.  The commission agreed to start the project as soon as the weather permitted.

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