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Posted: Wednesday, 17 July 2013 3:06PM

30+ Out of Shape and Need Help

(Leitchfield, KY) - Teens usually start working out because they don’t want to get sand kicked in their faces anymore, so they start lifting weights in their basement to look better.  At some point, they begin to realize that simply looking better doesn’t provide the satisfaction they were looking for. They decide they need to be strong - they decide to become a power lifter. Power lifting involves lifting heavy weight, focusing on specific muscle groups, and almost always results in injury. How severe your injury is and how long you are out can be a few weeks to many years. Typical areas to be injured are lower back, knees, and shoulders. These injuries often result in surgery.  Once the injury heals, the power lifter will return to the same lift (bench press, squat, dead lift, etc.) that caused the injury. Eventually, everyone realizes that they want their health above all else. They want to be strong in their everyday life; they want to look fit and be healthy. In short, they want to be athletic. Today at 38, I am still training to compete. My competition is father time and the sport is catch with my son. Down the road, perhaps, it will be tennis with my grandchildren.  
As we grow older, the simple things begin to mean the most to us. We want to be able to play with our children, climb steps easily, and do many of the things we once took for granted when we were younger. We begin to realize that for us to have a happy future, our body requires us to start making changes now. What worked for you in your teens will not work for you now!  Approaching fitness in the same manner as you did in your teens will only result in injury.  All is not lost; we live in an incredible time! It has taken a slow evolution but today we understand what our body needs to be strong, that our health is connected to our fitness and our athleticism.
Today we know that functional fitness is the key to a longer, healthier, and happier life. Functional fitness trains your whole body to have better coordination, stronger muscles, and endurance. Twenty years ago, people were designing body part workouts. These were great for strengthening specific areas but didn’t promote long term health and athleticism.
Functional training builds strength and stamina for everyday life; energy for the workday, stamina and mood enhancement to play with your kids, and more functional strength for things such as climbing stairs, carrying heavy/everyday objects. It is the workout that helps the tired, overweight, 30-something year-old gain the energy to blow through a workday with ease, then go home and play with the kids.
David Dennis, Owner of The Pain Factory Studio, 116 Sequoia Drive, Leitchfield, KY, is a licensed in Kentucky to as a Mixed Martial Arts Instructor, Professional Trainer, and Combatives Instructor.  Contact Dennis at (270) 287-3853.

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