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Posted: Saturday, 31 August 2013 10:24AM

Future Designs - K105 Karaoke Contest Finalists Selected

After two Preliminary competitions, the 16 finalists have been chosen for Saturday nights' championship round.  Finalists are:

From Preliminary #1:
Tiffany Stone (1)
Taylor Tilford (2)
Tammy Webb (3)
Aaron Givan & Tyler Gill (4)
Charlie Kiper (5)

From Preliminary #2:
Payton Compton (1)
Mary Miller (2)
Abbie Harp (3)
Paige Burden (4)
James Logsdon (T-5)
Jennifer Lowe (T-5)

Wild Cards:
Hope Sexton & Blair Harrison (W1))
Makayla Ramsey (W2)
Jessica Gowen (W3)
Marty Kiper & Jeff Beasley (W4)
Melodie Jaggers (W5)

Because of a statistical tie for 5th place in Preliminary 2, the championship round was extended to 16 finalists.  The competition begins at 7:00pm at the fairgrounds on Saturday, August 31st.

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