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PLAN and Compass Testing Scheduled for GCHS Students

September is testing time for a large number of GCHS students.  All sophomores will take the PLAN test on Thursday, September 19, and a number of seniors will take the Compass test on Thursday, September 26. GCHS Principal Todd Johnston said both tests are very important for a student's future. "The PLAN test is a mid-point measure of a student's academic progress and will give them, their parents and us guidance in planning for a student's remaining high school years," he said.  Just like the ACT, the PLAN test covers English, math, reading and Science.

The Compass is an untimed, computerized test that helps colleges evaluate students' skills for placement in the appropriate courses. It tests reading, writing, math, writing essay and English as a Second Language (ESL). If  a student does not reach benchmark scores in any of the areas, they will be enrolled in remedial courses in that area in college. Remedial courses cost the same as regular college courses, but do not count toward a college degree. “Last year, we were able to move more than 100 students from below benchmark to above benchmark,” Johnston said. “We really placed an intense, individual focus on helping those kids get over the hump and it saved them and their parents thousands of dollars in higher education costs. We’re going to do the same this year."

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