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The City of Leitchfield Tourism & Convention Commission Meeting Summary

The regularly scheduled meeting of The City of Leitchfield Tourism & Convention Commission was held on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, at 8:30 a.m., at City Hall.  
The following grants were presented:Art in the Park ($2,500.00), Clarkson Honeyfest ($2,500.00), Family Fun Run ($2,500.00), Bluegrass Opry ($250.00), R.A.C.K. Ride ($300.00).  With the recommendation of the grant committee being to approve Art in the Park, Bluegrass Opry and R.A.C.K. ride, Randy Pauley made a motion to accept the recommendation.  Clarkson Honeyfest and Family Fun Run were not approved.
Aquatic Project-  Lea King with Alliance spoke to the Commission concerning a change order that would save the Commission money.  Lindell Sharp made a motion to give the Mayor approval to execute the change order.  Randy Pauley seconded the motion and the vote carried.  King also explained that state approval on the aquatic plans is currently holding up progress but several things are still happening on site.  She is to let the Commission know when the state approves all plans.
Johnson explained that in June the Commission agreed to get pricing on Road Tile for the aquatic project that would be paid from the general account (Buddy Patterson will be using with his City Contract agreement to do earthwork).  With the state contract pricing of $17,156.10 being a very good rate, Jeanna Carnes made a motion to purchase the tile from Hagen & Stone.  Lindell Sharp seconded the motion and the vote carried.
Checking Account-After discussing proposals from local banks for the general checking account and reviewing available rates the commission made a motion to remain with Leitchfield Deposit Bank, it carried.
WRECC- Erin Embry explained that while doing construction on the aquatic project the commission would be required to either put a down payment of several thousand dollars to WRECC or could have a letter of credit written by the bank for good standing.  Lindell Sharp made a motion to have LDB write a letter of credit for the project with Erin Embry being authorized to execute any documents required by Leitchfield Deposit Bank.  Angie Jones seconded the motion and the vote carried.
Pavilion/Splash Pad- Johnson reported that the firefighter’s plaque for the pavilion is currently underway.  Everyone will be e-mailed an updated copy and was asked to send any changes by the end of the week so it can be ordered.  
Safe Spot-  Motion made for the commission to spend up to $300.00 for candy and supplies for the upcoming event.  The motion carried.
Christmas in the Park- Motion made and approved for the commission to spend up to $1000.00 for the Lighting of the Park.  Johnson will start sending information to local businesses concerning the event and needed participation.
Discover Grayson County-  After discussing the use of the magazine by the commission, a motion was made to purchase a ½ page color ad.  The vote carried.

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