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Nutrition Night at Clarkson Elementary

Food Director for Grayson County Schools, Kristy Hodges, was present at Clarkson Elementary School September 30, 2013. She gave a presentation to parents of Clarkson Elementary School students and teachers about ways to make their children’s eating habits healthier. Every student was sent home with a My Plate and the Extension Office gave away water bottles.

Angie Avnet spoke about childhood health, and how it affects you as you grow up. The main purpose of the presentation was to teach parents how to better balance their child’s meal and how what they eat and do influence the health decisions their child makes. An example was instead of giving them spaghetti with meat sauce and calling it dinner, you should make half the plate spaghetti and meat sauce and the other half vegetables and fruit. Encouragements are being made to switch from white bread and regular noodles to whole grain pastas. A visual of a heart and clogged artery was drawn and presented. Clogged arteries are what cause heart attacks. According to Kristy Hodges, “when talking to her third graders about liposuction, after the surgery is performed and you still eat fat it goes to your face and gives you that chipmunk face, you can’t lose weight and get healthy without changing your eating habits. One pound of fat is three thousand five hundred calories."

Population Health Improvement does not just involve schools, the Plant Manager at MTD, Derrick Clemons also spoke about health insurance and how it affects the community, he is taking part in the program as well.

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