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Posted: Monday, 07 October 2013 1:43PM

The Raiders run wild in the rain

Louisville - The Grayson County Cougars traveled to Louisville to meet District opponent Iroquois. The Raiders and Cougars both were 3 and 3 entering Friday nights game. The Raiders like the Cougars have a young talented squad. So the stage was set for what we thought would be a great battle. Then the rains came.
The Raiders are a very fast athletic team. Most players play on both sides of the ball. As we know the Cougar players who double duty can be equally as effective on defense as on offense. The Raiders proved to be the more effective team on both sides of the ball as they scored 21 points and held the Cougars scoreless.
The difference in this game was fundamental (s). On the opening play from scrimmage, running back Nate Sanders takes the ball 45 yards to pay dirt. Sanders put Iroquois up 7-0. Visions of North Hardin, right? Not exactly. Five cougar players had a shot at stopping Sanders on the run, as he broke 3 tackles working the angle to the sideline. The rain made footing and grasping more difficult and Sanders played the conditions to his strength.
The Cougar offense faced perhaps its most aggressive defense since Central Hardin. The Raider Coach's said they knew if Talon Gary had any time at all, he could chew them up downfield. They were not going to let that happen. Iroquois brought the heat from everywhere on defense. When your linebackers are also running backs, there is no question they can get to you. And they did.
The offensive line had their hands full with blitzes off the edges and linebacker's plugging gaps to shut down Grayson Counties smash mouth running attack. Thomas Walton, Dakota Payton and Talon Gary could not buy any real estate up front; it simply was not for sale.
The Cougars countered by trying to get outside. The Raiders knew this was coming and covered a majority of the attempts. With the scoreboard not operational, it was difficult for either team to get into a game cadence. There was little reference of time on the field.
Nate Sanders again lit up the defense on a 35 yard touchdown run. He finished with around 175 yards on the ground. Nate Gray added the exclamation point with a 91 yard touchdown run after some missed tackles and assignments.
The Cougar defense was able to shut down Mailk Saunders passing attack. Saunders who was the x factor in this game ended up running out most of his roll-outs because the Cougar defense had his receivers covered. Colby Hack, Dylan Woodcock and Taylor Wright played tight on their assignments.
Taylor Wright had some exceptional action away from the ball and is our Taco Bell Player of the Game.
The Cougars will need to work hard on their bye week. J' Town is coming off of their first District win against North Hardin, John Hardin is playing well and Russell County is putting up 50 points on everybody. The path traveled gets tougher.
The Cougars will need to re-group over the break. Jeffersontown comes to Grayson County on Friday October 18th. Join me for the locker room pregame show at 7pm.
Good luck to all the Grayson County Golfers participating in the Leachmen-Buick State Championships.

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