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Aquatic Center changes expected to be approved by state

The regularly scheduled meeting of The City of Leitchfield Tourism & Convention Commission was held on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at 8:30 a.m., at City Hall.  
Those in attendance were as follows:  Chairman, Mark Smith; Lindell Sharp;  Ryan Bratcher; Jeanna Carnes; Sue King and Angie Jones.    Also in attendance:   Erin Embry; Ilsa Johnson, Ken Smart, visitors and press.
Chairman, Mark Smith called the meeting to order.
MINUTES- After review, Angie Jones made a motion to approve minutes for September 24, 2013.  Lindell Sharp seconded the motion and the vote carried.   
FINANCIAL-  After reviewing financial reports for September, Jeanna Carnes made a motion to accept the reports as presented.  Ryan Bratcher seconded the motion and the vote carried.
GRANTS-After discussing the revised grant application process for the Commission that would be in effect for the next fiscal year, Ryan Bratcher made a motion to accept the proposed grant guidelines and procedures.  Sue King seconded the motion and the vote carried.
Aquatic Project-  Lea King with Alliance spoke to the Commission concerning  the state approval on the aquatic plans.  The requested changes were complete and expected to be approved by the state by the end of the week.  Specific pricing on the changes will also be turned in for the commission to review.  King is to let Ilsa Johnson know when all information is in and suggested that the commission have a special called meeting regarding the above details and to choose colors for the play features at the pool.
Ken Smart spoke with the commission concerning the original contract that required performance bonds.  After discussion, Ryan Bratcher made a motion for the contract between Alliance and the City of Leitchfield be amended to provide that the sub-contractors provide a dual oblige bond naming Alliance and the City of Leitchfield as beneficiaries and that Alliance will provide a letter of credit in the amount of $553,083.64 instead of a traditional bond.  Lindell Sharp seconded the motion and the vote carried.
Johnson explained that over the past couple weeks commissioners have been receiving policies/rules & regulations concerning the pool.  The documents are beginning drafts for everyone to review and all suggestions will be taken into account before finalized.
Aquatic Name-  No additional names, other than Leitchfield Aquatic Center, were proposed by the Commission.  Visitor, Kelly Stevenson recommended that the Allen name be incorporated into the aquatic center’s name because of the past contributions given to the community.  After explaining that the commission had previously decided not to name the aquatic center after a person or family, no action was taken.  Johnson mentioned that the name Leitchfield Aquatic Center could be used with a “tag name” below it on advertising.  Angie Jones recommended that the Commission review the previously proposed names given by the school and bring back the top three favorites for each commissioner.  It was suggested that if none of the participants were chosen for the name that maybe the top 3 chosen by the entire group could receive a day pass to the aquatic center. 
Plaque- Johnson reported that the firefighter’s plaque for the pavilion  is ordered and thanked everyone for helping to proof the names.    
Safe Spot-   Halloween Safe Spot will be held on October 31, at the fairgrounds.
Christmas in the Park-  With information currently being sent to local businesses concerning the event and needed participation everyone was urged to participate and help get the word out.  Displays will be set up beginning the week of November 18, and the lighting will be held on Friday, December 6. 
Red Ribbon Week-  Angie Jones explained that Red Ribbon Week helps to educate children on the importance of being drug free.  The ceremony will be held on Monday, October 28, at 10:00 a.m.  The ceremony will be held at the new judicial center. 
Safety Grant- Johnson explained that if any commissioners were interested in participating in upcoming COA training (City Official Academy training) they would be reimbursed under the Cities Safety Grant.  Dates will be given as they are made available.
Ryan Bratcher made a motion to adjourn.  Sue King seconded the motion and the vote carried.
*Next meeting will be November 26, 2013, at 8:30 a.m., at Leitchfield City Hall.

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