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Piggy Contest 2 - Cville

The Grayson County Extension Office participated in the Kentucky Saves 2014 Piggy Bank Design Contest. They worked with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Becky Escue in getting bank sponsorships for different age groups. With a large turnout of piggy bank designs, winners were selected and are as follows with the sponsoring bank-first place winners are pictured.

1st/2nd grade winners sponsored by Leitchfield Deposit Bank: 1st place- Johnathan Reedy; 2nd place- Rayla Logsdon
3rd/4th grade winners sponsored by Bank of Clarkson: 1st place- Trevor Cannon; 2nd place- Sydney Keown
5th/6th grade winners sponsored by Cecilian Bank: 1st place- Shayla Parks; 2nd place- Dakota Wright
Caneyville 1st grade sponsored by Bank of Caneyville: 1st place- Zak Cameron Bratcher; 2nd place- Jackson Weedman
High School sponsored by Wilson & Muir: 1st place- Jessica Robinson

An overall winner was selected from the first place winners and was sent to compete in the district contest. That winner was Shayla Parks.

bank of caneyville
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bank of caneyville
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