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"Tragedy Gives Immediate Reasons To Hug Your Kids Tighter - A Column By Ken Howlett"
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01/13/2014 10:51AM
Tragedy Gives Immediate Reasons To Hug Your Kids Tighter - A Column By Ken Howlett
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01/13/2014 12:45PM
Tradegy gives immedtate reasons to hug your kids tighter
That was one heck of a story/ reality check.. I hate it for anyone to have an accident but when kids are involved it sends it to a whole different level of heartbreake an despair...
01/13/2014 12:48PM
What a great article you have written on this tragic accident. Thank you for your thoughtfulness of all concerned.
01/13/2014 3:09PM
Great column Ken!
01/13/2014 3:33PM
What a great article
Thank you for the thoughts and concerns along with your writing this article. It had to be hard to do all this and then write, but thankful it does make you feel! So, I thank you!
01/14/2014 2:58PM
I want to thank you for your take on the accident. This is very well written and you have stuck to the facts. I work with the public, and of course, I have heard many things, but of course, the majority of what I have heard is hear say. As I listened to the scanner that night, I sat and prayed for those innocent children, and the adults involved. It really makes you want to hold your family a little closer. Love your family and friends today, for tomorrow is never promised.
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