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Ray Ramsey re-elected to Farm Service Agency post

On January 22, 2014 the Grayson County Farm Service Agency Committee tabulated ballots for this year’s Grayson County Farm Service Agency Committee election. Ray Ramsey, a farm owner in the Little Clifty community, was re-elected to serve a three-year term beginning on February 18.

Ramsey and his wife Cuba have operated their farming operation for several decades, and the highly respected Grayson Country farmer has previously served two full terms as County Committeeman.

“It feels great,” Ramsey said about being re-elected to the post. “It’s something to be elected. I’ve been around (involved with the FSA) about 47 years now, and I’ve been on this same committee … it’s about the third time I’ve been elected to it.”

The farmer-elected committee system is a grassroots structure that provides local input into the administration of federal farm programs. Within federal guidelines, the Committee establishes program criteria for farm programs, oversees local county office operations, and acts as a judgmental body in the case of program violations.

Of late, though, the government has seemingly taken some of the control and oversight out of the hands of the local farmers.

"The government (is) about to cut us out on it,” Ramsey said about the minimization of local input. “We used to meet about once a month, but now we meet about four times a year. They’re (the government)  about to cut us out.”

Ramsey, who respresents the central part of Grayson County (running north to south), joins fellow Committee members Randy Langley and Glenn Higdon in serving the farmers of Grayson County as a policy-making board of directors for county Farm Service Agency operations. Fran Brooks serves with the Committee as a female advisor.

An additional result of the election is that Joey Ray Stevenson was selected to serve as first alternate to Ramsey. Also receiving votes in this election cycle was Steve Hayes, who will be serving as second alternate for the central Grayson County voting community.

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