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Utilities Commission elects officers, reports on arrest of resident who tampered with meters

On Thursday night, the Leitchfield Utilities Commission re-elected Robert T. Crawford chairman, elected Dwight Embry as vice chairman and named current city clerk Kimberly Sowders secretary.
In a development concerning an on-going dispute, the commission agreed to negotiate one more time with the Grayson County Water District on the amount of the wholesale water rate. If the two entities are unable to come to an agreement, an arbiter with experience in setting water rates, will be appointed to determine the rate.

It was also reported by the commission that a Leitchfield resident who resides on Mill Street, and whose water and gas had been shut off for non-payment, broke the locks placed on the meters allowing the resident to continue to have water and gas service. After discovering this, the meters were removed from the residence by Leitchfield Utilities.

On Thursday it was discovered that the resident obtained a meter from an unknown source and had restored water service. Additionally, the resident "jumped the gas with a jumper" allowing the person to have gas service.

When this was discovered by Leitchfield Utilities, the Leitchfield Police Department was notified. The Mill Street resident was then arrested and charged with theft of services and wanton endangerment. The wanton endangerment charge, a felony, stems from the resident tampering with a gas line.


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