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Three fires break out almost simultaneously stretching resources

There were three wood’s fires early Saturday afternoon which occurred almost simultaneously. The first fire, located at 180 Bear Creek Drive, was started when a controlled burn spread from a back yard into the woods behind two homes.

The Anneta Fire Department responded to the blaze at approximately 12:45, but called for assistance from the Leitchfield Fire Department at 1:17, as the fire spread, propelled by high winds. The fire location, in a deeply wooded area, is on top of a hill where wind gusts are more prevalent than in low-lying areas.

The fire was brought under control after burning, what appeared to be, roughly an acre of land. Fortunately, the wind pushed the fire away from nearby residences.

At nearly the same time, a fire broke out at 892 Key Cemetery Road, approximately five miles inside Edmonson County, at Bee Spring.  The Leitchfield Fire Department was dispatched to assist in the wood’s fire. The fire was extinguished with no known damage to existing structures.

Not long after dispatch requested the Leitchfield Fire Department to assist at the Edmonson County fire, another wood’s fire was reported at 4570 Brandenburg Road in Grayson County. The Leitchfield Fire Department, now stretched thin, responded to the blaze located in a wooded area, and extinguished the fire without incident or known damage to structures.

The cause of the Bee Spring and Brandenburg Road fires are unknown at this time.

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