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Leitchfield City Council agrees to purchase salt spreader, re-pave walking trail at Beville Park

On Monday night, the Leitchfield City Council approved the purchase of a new salt spreader at a cost of $8,750.00. When asked if it would be less expensive to purchase a spreader during the summer months, Public Works Director Sheila Puckett replied that the cost of the item does not go down in non-winter months.

Puckett also distributed a letter to council members -- and which was agreed that all Grayson County political candidates will receive -- stating that “all political signs erected within the City of Leitchfield must be completely removed no later than 10 days after the election … .”

The council also agreed to open a checking account for the transfer station in order to accept and dispense credit card payments.  

The council approved the re-paving of the walking trail at Beville Park. Mayor Thomason stated that in 1998, it cost approximately $10,000.00 to pave the trail, and the expectation is that it would now, nearly 16 years later, cost double that amount.

A grant will pay for a portion of the re-paving.

Council Member Raymond Cottrell brought to the council's attention that several of his constituents who are on a "fixed income" have contacted him about their ability to pay their water bills before the 10.0% late charge is applied to their bill. The billing cycle for some of Cottrell's constituents arrives before their monthly check is received, necessitating not paying the bill until after the late fee is applied.

Mayor Thomason said he has been contacted by some of those adversely effected by the billing cycle, and he recommended those with questions and or concerns about the timing of the water bill attend the regulary scheduled Leitchfield Utilities Commission meeting on Thursday, March 6 at 5:00 at City Hall.

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