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Major field fire on Pleasant Run Road

Falls of Rough Fire Department responded to a field fire across the street from 2249 Pleasant Run Road about 1:00 on Monday afternoon. After arriving at the fire, Falls of Rough FD requested assistance from the Leitchfield Fire Department at 1:30, as the blaze began to rapidly spread through a hilly, and in places, densely wooded area.
Firefighters were spread along several hillsides, putting out the fire along a front that ran for approximately half-a-mile. The fire and its accompanying “hot spots” were extinguished before damaging nearby homes.
According to witnesses, the fire began when a gravel truck traveling down Pleasant Run Road with its bed in a raised position, snapped a power line which was strung across the road. Local residents attempted to put out the initial fire out with shovels and their feet, but windy conditions in the area rapidly spread the fire.
Another fire broke Monday at about 2:00 at 807 Elizabethown Road. The field fire was quickly brought under control by the Leitchfield Fire Department. After the fire was extinguished, several members of the LFD responded to the fire on Pleasant Run Road, which was still being battled.

There were no injuries reported at either scene.

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