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Truck gets stuck, blocks Salt River Road

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a semi-truck in trouble just outside the Leitchfield city limits on Salt River Road about 9:45 on Wednesday night.

The Paschall Truck Line (PTL) semi, going north on William Thomason Byway, turned right onto Salt River Road, driving away from Core Mark, his intended destination.

After realizing he had turned the wrong way, the truck's driver attempted to maneuver the 18-wheeler into the driveway of a residence. As he backed into the driveway, the driver drove the rear wheels of the truck into a ditch, nearly pulling the front driver side wheels off the ground.

The truck, based out of Murray, Ky., was delivering flavored bottled water.

Salt River Road was completely blocked to traffic for approximately two-and-a-half hours. A wrecker was called to extract the truck from the roadside ditch.


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