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School Board delays final decision on how to make-up missed days

Of course, the hot topic at Thursday night’s school board meeting was how to best make-up eight missed school days. Superintendent Barry Anderson conducted a poll on the school district’s web site in an effort to gauge and recognize public opinion on the issue.

Anderson offered two proposals in the poll – Proposal A was simply adding eight days to the end of the existing school calendar, making the final day of school June 5, while the Proposal B option included using the first three days of spring break (March 31, April 1 & 2), plus a Saturday or possibly Memorial Day, to account for the missed days.

Just over 59 percent of the nearly 1,800 respondents in the poll voted for Option B.

Anderson was quick to point out that the situation remains ever-changing, with the Kentucky Legislature considering several House Bills which would potentially forgive a portion of the missed days.

The Superintendent was careful to note, though, that not all the bills currently under consideration in the legislature would apply to the Grayson County School System; many of the bills were written for school systems in Kentucky that have missed, in some instances, over 30 days of instruction.

Without making a final decision at the School Board meeting, Anderson stated that he would recommend to the board that Proposal B be implemented when it becomes prudent to do so.

Anderson opted to delay making a final determination for two primary reasons -- To see if any of the current House Bills make it through the legislature, and offer relief to the Grayson County system in the form of snow days “forgiveness,” as well as the possibility of more wintery weather necessitating yet more make-up days.


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