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Posted: Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:03AM

Fire department gear, new occupational tax discussed by Clarkson City Commission

The Clarkson City Commission discussed the city’s recent upgrade in classification from a 6th class to a 5th class city. One of the many positive results from the leap in class was a change in the way the city’s occupational tax is calculated – Currently, Clarkson’s occupational tax is structured as a flat $2.00 per week, per employee, which businesses must pay. With the jump in class, employers will be taxed based on each employee's gross wages.

The official change in Clarkson’s classification will take place July 15.

The trusses are up on the new City Hall and Community Center building. After a much-delayed process, real progress is being made on the structure. Mayor Bonnie xxx said the projected completion date of the building is July 4.

Very soon, Clarkson will send out letters to potential donors to the new City Hall building fund. To date, Clarkson has raised $20,600.00 toward the construction of the new building.

Fire Chief Andy Cain informed the commission that he was investigating vendors for the purchase of new firefighting gear for the Clarkson
Fire Department. The current gear each firefighter wears is aging, Cain said, and in the interest of safety, the gear must be replaced about “every five years.”

A single outfit can cost up to $2,000.00.

Cain also reported to the commission that he sold excess rescue tools to the Wax Fire Department for the sum of $2,500.00.

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