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Posted: Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:13PM

Clarkson Mayor Henderson hoping building fund generosity continues

Although construction of the new Clarkson City Hall and Community Center is beginning to display noticeable progress; that does not mean the city is flush with funds to pay for all that goes along with a project of this size.
"We are borrowing $240,000.00 from the Bank of Clarkson for the building only,” Mayor Bonnie Henderson said. “That does not include getting the site ready; the ground had to be dozed and a lot of fill rock put in.”

After raising just over $20,000.00 from Clarkson residents to supplement the borrowed money, the city is looking to garner additional funds as completion of the building nears. Henderson is quick to note that there remains much to be purchased and built before the building will be deemed operational. 

“There needs to be an entrance built,” Henderson said about one of the projects most costly expenditures not covered by the loan. “The building bid (by the contractor) only covered the plumbing, stubbed two feet outside the building, so there is cost to extending the sewer to the main line.”

In order to fully utilize the potential of the new structure for weddings, meetings and other events the center will host, Henderson stresses that the furnishings and equipment needed are not covered under the Bank of Clarkson loan.

“We want to put in a security system and sound system,” Henderson stated. “We will need a commercial gas stove and refrigerator for the kitchen.”

Both, high dollar appliances.

Along with expensive construction and furnishings, Henderson said yet to be purchased items include 20 70-inch round tables, 160 chairs, and six eight-foot long tables.

“Office furniture would be nice,” Henderson added.

With a high quality dual-purpose building, the Clarkson community is poised to reap the benefits of having a central location to hold events of all types, increasing the quality of life for those who call Clarkson home.

A project of this magnitude doesn’t pay for itself, though, and wanting to be financially responsible, Henderson and the Clarkson City Commission opted to not borrow all of the cash needed. Instead, the governing body had faith that Clarkson residents would realize the benefits of a new City Hall and Community Center, and contribute to its realization.

Although great generosity has been displayed by the many people who have already contributed to the building fund, still more funds are needed to bring the project to fruition.

To contribute to the Clarkson City Hall and Community Center fund, visit the Bank of Clarkson where the city has a Community Building Account. Even the most meager donation will be appreciated by city leaders.

Clarkson's under-construction City Hall and Community Center located at 213 Millerstown Street.

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