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Posted: Friday, 09 May 2014 12:32PM

Superintendent Anderson rated outstanding by GC School Board

In its latest evaluation, the Grayson County School Board rated Superintendent Barry Anderson’s job performance as “outstanding” in the nine areas in which Anderson was critiqued.

Leadership and District Culture: This standard stresses the Superintendent’s performance in leadership through empowering others visioning, helping shape school culture and climate, and understanding multi-cultural and ethnic differences.

School Board’s assessment –“(Anderson) continues to promote a team atmosphere with central office staff and administrators. He holds regular meetings with central office staff and administrators.”

Policy and Governance: This standard evaluates how well Anderson works with the board to formulate internal and external district policy, defining mutual expectations of performance with the board, and demonstrating good school governance of staff, students and the community at large.

School Board’s assessment –“(Anderson) has an excellent rapport with all stakeholders. He keeps board members and staff well informed and has a good relationship with the (individual) board members.”

Communications and Community Relations: This standard emphasizes the skills necessary to establish effective two-way communication not only with staff students and parents, but the community as a whole including beneficial relationships with the media. It also stresses responding to community feedback and building community support for the district.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) has worked with industry to develop machine classes to prepare students for careers. He serves on Industrial Board and Chamber of Commerce and as a P.R. Director he continues to be an effective communication asset.”

Organizational Management: This standard requires the Superintendent to gather and analyze data for decision-making and for making recommendations to the board. It stresses the skills necessary to meet internal and external customer expectations and to effectively allocate resources.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) initiated a one-time increase of teacher’s salaries at year end. He has overseen a large improvement in facilities since he tenure began, including Trane update, new athletic building, new Clarkson Elementary School, roofing work at high school, and updates at Wilkey Elementary and high school.”

Curriculum Planning Development: This standard addresses the Superintendent’s skills in staying up-to-date on curriculum, teaching, learning and testing theories. It requires the Superintendent to make sound recommendations for learning technologies.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) works closely with the curricular supervisor to develop new curriculum for new standards. He has, and continues to upgrade technology for our students and staff.”

Instructional Leadership: This standard addresses how the chosen curriculum is to be taught. It emphasizes the skills required to ensure that the most effective teaching techniques are in place and that all instructional resources are used to maximize student achievement. This standard also requires applying research and best practices with respect to diversity sensitivities.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) worked with ECTC administrators to establish community college availability and uses assessment data to drive student’s learning.

Human Resources Management: This performance standard requires skills in developing and implementing a staff performance and evaluation system. It also requires skills in applying ethical, contractual and legal requirements for personnel selection, development, retention, promotion, and dismissal.

School Board’s assessment –“We have seen great improvement on this in the last few years. Anderson hosted a prospective administrators ‘Boot Camp’ this past summer to create leaders for our school system. This is an extremely difficult standard, because the Superintendent often has to deal with hires made by SBDM’s.”

Values and Ethics of Leadership: This standard requires the understanding and modeling of appropriate value systems, ethics and moral leadership. It also requires the Superintendent to exhibit multicultural and ethnic understanding, and to coordinate with social agencies and human services to help students grow and develop as caring, informed citizens.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) encourages ethical and moral behavior of the staff and students by his own behavior. He cares about every student regardless of race, gender, family, etc. He exemplifies our motto, ‘Every child, every day.’”

Student Achievement and Learning: This standard recognizes that improving student achievement is a critical component of the Superintendent’s position. It requires that the Superintendent take responsibility for district oversight of student learning.

School Board’s assessment – “(Anderson) strives to continue to develop relationships with staff and students, for example, taking school clubs, sports teams and various staff members out to eat. He keeps focus on college and career readiness of each student with the belief that every child can learn.”

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