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Posted: Friday, 06 June 2014 1:30AM

Utilities commission passes budget, will see rise in health care costs

City of Leitchfield Finance Officer Erin Embry informed the Utilities Commission on Thursday night that the city employees’ insurance rates are going up 10 percent. Five-percent of the increase is due to a premium jump, and 5 percent because of a new federal tax.

Embry noted, though, that the City’s elevated insurance cost is below the average health plan’s rise in rates, and she recommended passage of the Health Insurance Plan Renewal.

The Commission concurred and unanimously passed the measure.

The Commission additionally approved the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 budget, put together by Utilities Superintendent Kevin Pharis and Embry. Although the 2015 budget comes in just over $160,000 in the red, there is a $7 million carryover which will more than offset the deficit.

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