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Posted: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 5:25PM

Gas prices drop slightly

West Central Kentucky gas prices dipped about five cents to $3.63 a gallon, according to AAA East Central. The national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is currently $3.65 per gallon. This time last year, consumers were paying two-cents less at the pump ($3.63), and the national average was beginning to trend downward toward the summer low of $3.47, which occurred on July 7.

Kentucky is one of only two states who experienced more than a two-cent change in gas prices over the past seven days, as the Commonwealth’s average fuel cost dropped six-cents (Ohio’s average gas priced fell 12 cents).

In Grayson County, price checks indicate the Fastway located at 308 South Main Street had its regular unleaded fuel priced at $3.60 per gallon, while the Fastways at 512 Morgantown Road (Caneyville) and 802 Main Street, as well as 720 South Main in Leitchfield, were charging $3.65 per gallon.

In areas surrounding Grayson County, fuel price averages ranged from a high of $3.90 per gallon in Louisville to a low of $3.42 in Bowling Green. Both Elizabethtown and Owensboro’s average price for fuel is $3.64.

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