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Posted: Tuesday, 24 June 2014 4:13PM

Eveleigh Road residents victims of multiple break-ins, and possibly arson

When one thinks of living near water, whether it be the ocean, Rough River or Nolin Lake, one thinks of tranquility and a serene atmosphere comprised of weekends on the boat, fishing with friends and family, and enjoying all that summer life has to offer.

But for the last several months, residents of Eveleigh Road have had to deal with what amounts to a nightmare, as dozens of break-ins and thefts have been reported since winter’s end. The tight knit community of folks who call Eveleigh Road home have had their routines, and in some instances, their lives, turned upside down by nefarious activity of criminals, (possibly) culminating in a devastating fire at 1495 Eveleigh Road last week.

Multiple sources have told K105 that the back door of the double-wide mobile home, which was partially destroyed by the overly hot burning fire, was kicked-in prior to the arrival of firefighters to the scene. Giving rise to the thought that the fire was not “accidental”, but rather intentionally set by a burglar.

The State Fire Marshall, several fire investigators and Kentucky State Police arrived at the Eveleigh Road fire scene on Monday morning about 7:00, and stayed for several hours investigating the fire and collecting evidence; evidence which will hopefully lead to the person or persons responsible for destroying the property.

Kenny Newton, who owns the now uninhabitable mobile home at 1495 Eveleigh, confirmed the presence of the State Fire Marshall officials on his property, and added that his Eveleigh Road home has been broken into “six times since the end of winter.”

Other residents of Eveleigh Road have reported multiple break-ins up and down the road, with the thefts ranging from someone stealing batteries and gas tanks, to tools and chain saws. Tool sheds and pontoon boats have also been ransacked, with items stolen from each.

In a previous break-in, some of Newton’s belongings were found lying on a hill which runs behind his property.

One Eveleigh Road resident, who asked not to be identified, said that the break-ins have, by-and-large, been executed by entering the back doors of residences, with some in-home thefts occurring in broad daylight.

When asked if law enforcement has been responsive to the growing break-in problem, the residents K105 spoke with said that the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department has done all that’s been asked of them – Deputies have responded expeditiously to the calls received and have shown a willingness to investigate.

Grayson County Sheriff Rick Clemons commented that his agency is involved in a joint investigation with Kentucky State Police personnel on both the break-ins in the area, as well as the on-going arson investigation into last week’s mobile home fire.

“They will get the max (punishment),” Leitchfield Assistant Fire Chief Tim Duvall said about whoever is responsible for the fire, if it is indeed discovered to be arson. “I will not tolerate my people being put in danger, not one time.”

And the residents of Eveleigh Road are seemingly at the end of their rope when it comes to the many break-ins in the area. People talk in hushed tones when speaking about the thefts, with a clear fear of reprisals from whoever is responsible.

All they desire is a return to their quiet existence, filled with summertime activities, family and friends. But until the perpetrators are nabbed, peace of mind will be hard to come by.

The back porch area of the Eveleigh Road home destroyed by fire.

The bent frame of the back door at 1495 Eveleigh Road


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