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Posted: Monday, 07 July 2014 9:35PM

'Active shooter' drill exercise to take place at middle school

Beginning at 10:00 on Tuesday morning, Grayson County Emergency Management will conduct an “active shooter” drill at the middle school involving several local agencies.

“Well, we’ve never done one to this extent,” Ernie Perkins, GC Emergency Management chief said about the drill. “We’ve done quite a few of them involving law enforcement, (but this drill) will also include the fire departments, the jail, and of course EMS. It will be all the agencies that would be involved, and we are including the hospital on this one, also”

Among other benefits, exercises of this type allow law enforcement and other first responders to hone their skills as it pertains to dealing with mass tragedy.

“We want to make sure everybody knows what their role is,” Perkins said. “(The drill) isn’t just for an active shooter at the (middle) school, this will be the same implementation that we would use if it were at any of the schools around the county, or at a factory or facility (that could have an) incident like this.”
Using the middle school to host the exercise serves several purposes.
“We wanted to use the middle school because of the proximity to the hospital; it makes it easier for them to be involved,” Perkins said. “Plus, they re-structured the middle school several years ago; they added on to it, and it’s (now) set up different than most people are familiar with. The middle school is more challenging than most other schools.”
Thirty volunteer students will portray walking wounded and two live shooters will fire off simulation rounds as part of the drill.

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