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Fiddle-Off Champ, Doug Fleener of Leitchfield
Posted: Monday, 21 July 2014 7:56PM

Twin Lakes National Fiddler Contest a big hit, with two locals earning high finishes

It was a tremendous weekend for Leitchfield and Grayson County as thousands of people enjoyed the Twin Lakes Fiddler Festival and Freedom Fest, despite the occasional rain.

There were 73 fiddle players who participated in the contest, with 51 of those contestants under the age of 18. Additionally, there were 52 non-fiddle contestants. A total of 15 states were represented at the competition, including as far away as Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Those numbers make the Twin Lakes National Fiddler Contest the largest contest of its kind east of the Mississippi River.

There were local winners in the various categories judged, including -- Doug Fleener of Leitchfield, in the Young Adult Fiddle contest. Fleener also won the Championship Fiddle-Off, the most prestigious round of the competition; Erik Payton of Millwood placed second in the Adult Fiddle contest.

The following is a complete list of the top three finishers in each category and th4e:

Small Fry Fiddle (Ages 8 and under)
1. David Lin, Lexington
2. Eli Park, Lexington
3. Uma Peters, Nashville

Junior, Junior Fiddle (Ages 9 thru 12)
1. Ivy Phillips Chapmansboro, TN
2. Serena Hutchens, Winchester
3. Giri Peters, Nashville

1. Tyler Andal, White House, TN
2. Joel Whittinghill, Bowling Green
3. Rob Pearcy, Smyrna, TN

Junior Fiddle (Ages 13 thru 17)
1. Harrison Schumann, San Antonio, TX
2. Trustin Baker, Birchtree, MO
3. Justin Sherfey, Spokane, WA

Young Adult Fiddle (Ages 18 to 39) 
1. Doug Fleener, Leitchfield
2. Megan Lynch Chowning, Goodlettsville, TN
3. Miya Saito-Beckman, Bend, OR

1. Tyler Andal, White House, TN
2. Joel Whittinghill, Bowling Green
3. Ivy Phillips, Chapmansboro, TN
Adult Fiddle (Ages 40 to 59) 
1. Joel Whittinghill, Bowling Green
2. Erik Payton, Millwood
3. Marcia Denton, Murfreesboro, TN
Senior Fiddle (Ages 65 and over)
1. Richard Harness, Stover, MO
2. Leo Hickman, Bloomington, IN
3. Wayne Head, Hugo, OK

1. Weston Stewart, Anderson, AL
2. Tyler Andal, White House, TN
3. Adam Chowning, Goodlettsville, TN
Dancing - Junior (Ages 16 and Under)
1. Ivy Phillips, Chapmansboro, TN
2. Shelby Dunn, Fairview, TN
3. Carina Baker, Birchtree, MO
Dancing - Adult (Ages 17 to 40)
1. Melanie Belfiore, Rineyville
2. Maci Belfiore, Rineyville
3. Shawn Jones, Lyles, TN
Dancing - Senior (Age 41 and over)
1. Dana Crowley, Franklin, TN
2. Tommy Jackson, Franklin, TN
3. Dennis Rhodes, Hawesville
Championship Fiddle-Off
1. Doug Fleener, Leitchfield
2. Joel Whittinghill, Bowling Green
3. Ivy Phillips, Chapmansboro, TN
Blue Grass Bands 
1. Higher Ground, Bowling Green
2. Down on 5th, Shepherdsville
3. Anonymous Members, Chapmansboro, TN

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