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Posted: Monday, 21 July 2014 10:55PM

City Council hears from concerned business owner, Miller thanks those involved with Fiddler contest

At Monday night’s Leitchfield City Council meeting, long-time Leitchfield businessman John Allen, who owns T-Shirt Express, located at 117 W. Main Street, voiced a concern about the city’s commercial sign ordinance.

Allen informed the Council that he wants to place a new sign on the outside of his business, but the approximately $1,500.00 fee that must be paid to an engineer to draw up plans for the sign, is excessive, in Allen’s opinion; something the Council agreed with.

Leitchfield Public Works Director Sheila Puckett told Allen and the Council that it’s a state regulation,not a city ordinance, which requires a new commercial sign be drawn up by an engineer.

Council members were eager to help Allen, but admitted their hands are seemingly bound by the state regulation. It was agreed that a few of the Council members will look into the issue, and do whatever possible to help Allen.

Harold Miller, one of the primary organizers of the Twin Lakes Fiddler Championship and Freedom Fest, said “there are too many people to thank … our city government, and our county government; I can’t say enough good about them. This kind of thing doesn’t happen with just one or two people, or three people, it has to be a community effort. I truly appreciate everyone in the community that had something to do with” putting the event together.

Miller did point out that Howard Tomes, owner of Twin Lakes Real Estate & Auction Company, provided his office for the judges to use. Last year, the judges were situated inside the old Courthouse building and they had a lot of background noise to contend with. But Tomes allowed the judges to use his office off and on all day long, providing a much more serene, comfortable environment, according to Miller.

Leitchfield Tourism Director Ilsa Johnson reported that the Aquatic Center continues to post good attendance numbers, although over the weekend numbers were down a bit, primarily due to the weather.

Johnson also reported that between $9,000.00 and $10,000.00 has been spent on various private rentals at the water park.

Leitchfield Police Chief Kevin Henderson told the Council that his department was able to purchase bullet proof vests for all of his officers with nearly $9,000.00 in recently received grant money. Henderson also reported that the department did so well in the recent Click It or Ticket campaign, that they were awarded a new $3,000.00 radar unit.

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