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Posted: Monday, 18 August 2014 10:39PM

City Council recognizes ECTC, pays 36k interest payment to Lfield Utilities

Mayor William Thomason and Carolyn Thomason, Chairwoman of the Grayson County Board of Education, presented the Director of the ECTC Leitchfield Campus, Darrin Powell, with a certificate proclaiming August as ECTC Month at Monday night’s City Council meeting. The 2014-2015 school year marks ECTC’s 50th anniversary as a post-secondary education provider.

The certificate will be framed with a key to the city added before it is officially presented to ECTC officials later this month. It certificate and key to the city will hang at the post-secondary facility in Elizabethtown.

Carolyn Thomason, to the delight of all assembled, added that the Mayor was a member of ECTC’s initial graduating class 50 years ago.

Powell graciously accepted the honor, and noted that last school year ECTC’s Leitchfield Campus’ first year in operation, there were 140 students enrolled in classes, and this school year between 250 and 260 students will take classes at the Leitchfield facility.

City Finance Officer Erin Embry informed Council members that in 2003, the City of Leitchfield agreed to sell to the Grayson County School Board the property on Shaw Station Road (site of the new Board of Education building). When the city sold the property it collected $231,500.00 to provide sewer work for the new facility. That sewer work was completed this summer, and Leitchfield Utilities has requested that the city pay the interest that was earned on the $231,500.00, as originally agreed.

The Council approved paying the requested interest payment to Leitchfield Utilities in the amount of $36,073.88.

In another financial matter, Embry informed the Council of a few different options related to the city changing its tax rates. The discussion, though, was quickly tabled with a final determination to be made at the next Council meeting in early September, after members have an opportunity to study the various tax proposals.
Tourism Director Ilsa Johnson reported to the Council that attendance at the Aquatic Center has been waning since school started, although this past Saturday 240 people patronized the facility. Johnson anticipates altering Aquatic Center hours to weekends only soon, but no final determinations have been made regarding that possible change.

Councilman Kelly Stevenson noted that new signage needs to be put up before next summer so people, particularly those from other communities can more readily find the facility.

A Beautification Award was given to George Hack and his wife Judy for the work he’s done in making Leitchfield a more beautiful place to live – tore down an old abandoned house on Shelby Street and remodeled an apartment complex on Cannon Drive.

The Mayor and Carolyn Thomason awarding Darrin Powell with a certificate recognizing August as ECTC Month.

Mayor Thomason awarding George and Judy Hack with a Beautification Award for their work in making Grayson County a better place to live.


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