GCHS Art Club members assist local Girl Scouts in making pinch pots

Grayson County Girl Scouts got a little help from Grayson County High School's Art Club when Girl Scouts made pinch pots from clay at the high school.
According to Girl Scouts spokeswoman Deanna Lasley, several art club members stayed after school to instruct the girls on how to pinch out a pot, as well as help the girls decorate the pots.
Instructor Lindsey King assisted the girls at the meeting.
A pinch pot is a form of hand-made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across cultures and times.
After the work was done, the Girl Scouts invited the Art Club members to participate in a friendship circle, which closed out the meeting.
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(Troops pictured are #33, #631 and #1630. Photo courtesy of Grayson County Girl Scouts)