10 Toys I Wish Would Make a Comeback this Christmas Season

I experienced my childhood years in the mid 90s to early 2000s (that’s me in the Dorothy dress and tiara). A glorious time when toys were amazing and Christmas morning was stellar. From my Tamagotchi pet to my Super Mega Plush Spongebob and Patrick pillows, it was magnificent. But now I have reached the age where I am shopping for my niece and nephew, but the toys… are just…not good. There is literally a box called Lol Box Surprise Box… or something like that, and it is so confusing because you buy it, but have no clue what it is. It’s just a box. Of something.


So, this brings me to my topic, 10 toys from my childhood I wish would make a comeback this Christmas.


  1. Betty Spaghetty- Man, I loved her. She was so bendable and her hair was always so glamorous.










Photo courtesy of QVC.


  1. Pretty Pretty Princess the Board Game- Channel your inner royalty for this game. As you progress through the game you accumulate more jewelry, ending with a tiara. Like talk about living the dream!









Photo courtesy of The Spruce.com 


  1. Polly Pocket in the Little Heart Case-  Not like the Polly Pocket they have now where she is like “Rocker Chic”, but the Polly Pocket that literally fit in your pocket and her whole house would fit in those heart cases.











Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.


     7Skip-It!- Seriously, so much fun that you would forget that it was ripping the skin off your ankle.











Photo courtesy of Romper.com.


  1. Amazing Amy Doll- The year Santa brought me this was the BEST. She could talk and eat and play and you could literally monitor her heart and mood via the screen on her chest.









Photo courtesy of YouTube.com 


      5. Password Journal- This was the most satisfying and frustrating thing of all time. It would lock shut, so you knew your secrets were all kept, but if you didn’t say your password with the same inflection, speed, and enthusiasm-you weren’t getting in.










 Photo courtesy of boredbug.com


     4. Moon Shoes- You felt like you were soaring when you were wearing these.










Photo courtesy of Amazon.com


3. Nintendo Gameboy Color-  I’m not talking about the Gameboy Advance, I mean the Classic Gameboy Color. Mine was purple and you could see the parts inside (like the one pictured below), so I thought that I was a complete computer whiz. That paired with my super fun PowerPuff Girls game meant tons of fun.











Photo courtesy of Amazon.com


  1. Barbie Color, Cut, & Curl Deluxe Styling Head- I used to setup my salon in the living room, change the TV to the Soaps, and give my client the ultimate makeover. She had moveable hands that you could swivel to do her nails anyway you wanted. I had a bright future in cosmetology until I singed her hair off when I tried to use a real curling iron. Oops.










Photo courtesy of Amazon.com


  1. Doodle-Bear-A stuffed animal that you could write all over with a marker and it didn’t even matter! Because, get this, it was so washable that all the marker lines would come out instantly. Plus, the denim on denim look was still totally in style.












Photo courtesy of Amazon.com


As I was writing this I was experiencing tremendous waves of nostalgia as I remembered all the toys that made my childhood wonderful. I also came to the conclusion that kids these days are just missing out. So, tell me in your opinion, what are some toys from when you were a kid that you wish were on the shelves this Christmas season?


Until next time.