Grayson County Sheriff’s Office: Local family needs help finding stolen heirlooms

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office has linked on its Facebook page a post from Kristen Dennison Pierce, a teacher at Caneyville Elementary, about items that have been stolen from her grandmother, Doris Green. The items are of great importance to the family and are family heirlooms.

Below is the GCSO’s post on its Facebook page:

We, at the GCSO, usually do not share private posts, but I (Sheriff Norman Chaffins) know this family well! They have done everything possible to get this young man the help he so desperately needs. We will help where we can, but in some situations, like this one, our hands are tied. Please help where you can by sharing information with the family or the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.”

Pierce’s post, shared by the GCSO, reads as follows:

“Below is a picture of Kris Witten and Rachel Yeager (below pics of two stolen items), they have been stealing from my grandmother Doris Green’s home to support their heroin addiction. If anyone has any information about who or where they might have sold these things to, please send myself or my brother a message. The police are not involved because my grandmother will not press charges. My Mom has spent two days checking pawn shops and local peddler and vendors stores, but hasn’t had any luck. She has begged them to tell her where they took the stuff, but they won’t. Our family is living proof that drug addiction is very real and makes a monster out of the addicts. We are all heartbroken. The chair was handmade by my great grandfather Herman Shain for my grandmother when she was a child. The chair is of all wood construction and painted light brown/tan, and is small (perhaps 18″ tall). The chair is irreplaceable and invaluable to my family. We will pay a premium for it. If you see a chair that matches this description, please call me at 202-417-1262/email or contact my sister Kristin Pierce at 270-230-5615. Unfortunately we do not have a photo to share. I ask that you help us find this heirloom.”

(Headline photo – picture of chair made by Pierce’s great grandfather for her grandmother)

(First two photos below are the other stolen heirlooms)




Kris Witten and Rachel Yeager

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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