Armstrong Stars in Feature Film, Released June 28th

(Leitchfield, KY) –  Jeff Armstrong, a Grayson County native, and still working as a barber in Hardinsburg, will see his first feature film released on Thursday, June 28, 2018.

Work began on the film two years ago, and was slated to be a 20 minute short film, however, it turned into a two-hour feature film, that is being released exclusively on Amazon.

The film “Unconditional” casts Armstrong as the lead role Adam Rybank

The films official Facebook page describes the film:

” Unconditional is a feature film to be released via Amazon this June 28th, 2018. When a loving, idyllic wife turns up suspiciously dead, her husband Adam’s desperate need for justification coupled with daughter Mary’s bitter resentment leads them on a search for answers. On this emotionally explosive journey, they uncover the truth about a wife and mother who led a dual life of sex, drugs, and underground clubs for decades – and how they can continue on in life without her. Created by young upstarts in the entertainment industry, Unconditional is an emotionally explosive journey about loyalty, trust, and love.”


Video Courtesy of YouTube 


By Misty Thomas, Staff Writer