Northern KY man says ‘mom’s not gonna like this’ after being gored by bull in Spain

A bull tossed a Northern Kentucky man in the air then impaled him in the leg during the world-famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports 23-year-old Aaron Froelicher was gored Sunday. The Florence, Kentucky native also suffered a head wound.

“I ain’t never been hit by a 2,000-pound bull so I guess I learned my lesson there,” Froelicher told the newspaper. 

Froelicher’s brother Andrew was nearby and the two went the hospital. Andrew Froelicher, 26, says his brother’s wounds were cleaned and treated during a two-hour surgery. He says doctors want to keep Aaron on an antibiotic drip until Friday.

The men are sons of Florence city council member Duane Froelicher. He says he and his wife had warned the siblings to be cautious during the run.

The brothers traveled to Pamplona to participate in the running of the bulls. Every summer, the bulls are let loose on a sectioned-off portion of the town’s streets as part of a festival. Aaron Froelicher was one of two Americans who were injured during the run this year.

“I thought ‘Oh no, mom’s not gonna like this,'” said Andrew Froelicher. He needed to call his parents who were back in Florence, Kentucky, running their usual Sunday afternoon errands. 

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)

By the Associated Press