Clarkson PD’s Christmas fundraiser brings in huge amount of money

The people of Clarkson and Grayson County came through in a big way for the Clarkson Police Department’s HoHo with the PoPo Christmas fundraiser held at K’s Café on Friday night.

Clarkson Police Chief Buck Meredith and Officer Blake Elmore, the staff of Chatterbox Salon, attorney Adam Cart, Carla and Owen Meredith, Missy Davis, Constable Damon Lasley, and new K’s Café owners David and Janine Washle, along with other volunteers, teamed-up to wait tables on Friday afternoon and evening, raising about $13,000 for HoHo with the PoPo thanks to the generosity of the patrons of K’s Café.

After raising a surprisingly large amount of money via tips and donations, Meredith said a portion of the proceeds will be used to help families in need throughout the year. The bulk of the money, though, will be utilized to provide Christmas presents and food for financially disadvantage families in the Clarkson area.

Last year, the event raised about $3,000.

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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