Now 60 COVID-19 cases in Grayson Co. 12 new cases tied to nursing home or Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center.

There are now 60 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Grayson County, according to Judge-Executive Kevin Henderson.

Henderson made the announcement at his daily briefing Sunday that 12 new cases of the virus have been diagnosed over the previous 24 hours.

Of the newly confirmed cases, 10 are residents of Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation and two are employees of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center. The positive nursing home residents are quarantined at the facility in stable condition while the two TLRMC employees are quarantined at home, also in stable condition.

Forty-six (76.7 percent) of Grayson County’s COVID-19 cases have been either residents or employees of Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation: 33 residents and 13 employees.

Henderson said all Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation residents have been tested, with several test results pending.

The newly confirmed cases include a 26-year-old woman, 72-year-old man, 41-year-old woman, 76-year-old woman, 84-year-old woman, 94-year-old woman, 80-year-old woman, 77-year-old woman, 86-year-old man, 86-year-old woman, 84-year-old man, and a 65-year-old man.

All the Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation cases, as well as the one victim from Spring View Nursing & Rehabilitation, are in stable condition.

Four Grayson County victims are currently hospitalized: a 66-year-old man in stable but critical condition; an 87-year-old woman (Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation resident) in stable condition; a 96-year-old man (Grayson Nursing & Rehabilitation resident) in stable condition; and a 56-year-old woman in stable condition.

There have been, according to officials, 373 COVID-19 tests administered in Grayson County (there was one duplicate found in Saturday’s numbers), with 296 of those tests returned negative for the virus. Seventeen tests are pending.

Five victims have recovered from the virus, and the county has one COVID-19-related death, 96-year-old William Stanton Smith.

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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