Regional breakdown of COVID-19 cases. Warren Co. remains hot spot.

It appears mitigation efforts are appreciably lowering the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate in Kentucky, as an average of 141.5 newly confirmed cases per day have been diagnosed in the commonwealth over the last eight days.

Better yet, over the last three days in Kentucky, an average of 129 new cases have been confirmed per day.

“Our numbers suggest again today that we are no longer in a plateau, but on a decline,” Gov. Andy Beshear said at his briefing on Wednesday.

According to the Kentucky Department for Public Health, as of Wednesday, there have been 9,077 cases of the virus confirmed in the commonwealth: approximately one case per 485 Kentuckians. The department reports 400 COVID-19 fatalities, a 4.4 percent fatality rate.

State health officials say at least 3,124 (34.4 percent) people have recovered from the virus.

Regional breakdown

A breakdown of coronavirus cases in the Grayson County region, including approximate population, COVID-19 cases, rate of occurrence, deaths, and fatality rate:

  • Breckinridge (21,000) 17 cases (one for every 1,235 people), 2 deaths (11.8 percent fatality rate)
  • Butler (13,000) 226 cases (one for every 58 people), 6 deaths (2.7 percent fatality rate) *Numbers bolstered by nursing home
  • Edmonson (12,000) 56 cases (one for every 214 people), 9 deaths (16.1 percent fatality rate)
  • Grayson (27,000) 132 cases (one for every 205 people), 8 deaths (6.1 percent fatality rate) *Numbers bolstered by nursing homes and detention center
  • Hancock (9,000) 7 cases (one for every 1,286 people), zero deaths
  • Hardin (111,000) 98 cases (one for every 1,132 people), 2 deaths (2 percent fatality rate)
  • Hart (19,000) 21 cases (one for every 905 people), zero deaths
  • Hopkins (45,000) 219 cases (one for every 205 people), 22 deaths (10 percent fatality rate)
  • Meade (29,000) 21 cases (one for every 1,380 people), 2 death (9.5 percent fatality rate)
  • Muhlenberg (31,000) 475 cases (one for every 65 people), 7 deaths (1.5 percent fatality rate) *Numbers bolstered by state prison
  • Ohio (24,000) 138 cases (one for every 174 people), zero deaths

Warren County remains a hot spot, but cooling slightly

Warren County, a hot spot of coronavirus activity, has seen its infection rate drop only slightly over the last few weeks.

As of May 18, Warren County, with a population of 133,000 residents, had 776 confirmed cases of the virus. Since then, the county has reported 174 cases (19.3 per day). Between April 7, when the county had 26 confirmed cases, and Wednesday (37 days), Warren County reported 750 cases of the virus (20.3 per day).

Elevating the county to hot spot status was a five day period in mid-May (May 12 to May 16), where Warren County recorded 180 cases of the virus (36 per day).

Officials theorize the reasons for the COVID-19 surge in Warren County is at least partly due to expanded testing (about 9,000 tests administered), and positive cases among Perdue Farms’ employees who live in Warren County, as well as any family members they may have exposed to the virus.

Warren County continues to have the second most cases in Kentucky behind Jefferson County’s (pop. 770,000) 2,253 confirmed cases of the virus.

While even one death is tragic, the county has had only five COVID-19-related deaths, giving Warren County a fatality rate well below one percent.

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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