Several Grayson Co. HS students pass Career Technical Education assessment

Closures in spring 2020 caused delays and rescheduling of many year-end education programs.

Several new Grayson County High School graduates, though, were recently able to take and pass their Career Technical Education (CTE) End of Program (CTE EOP) assessments.

It was worth the wait, since the certifications provide college credit, articulated through the Grayson County Technology Center’s postsecondary partners.

Earning designations were: Stephanie Geary, Animal Science and Environmental Science; Rylie Hayes, Animal Science; Carlie Jenkins, Culinary and Food Services; Hannah Priddy, Environmental Science; Melody Raymond, Administrative Support; and Garrett Smith, Administrative Support.

CTE EOP is an important measure of career and transition readiness. The state-developed assessments are based on specific career pathway standards as identified by Kentucky employers, which also gives these students an edge in the job market.

Grayson County Schools