Longtime GCHS teacher McCrady passes WKU Doctoral Qualifying Exam

A Grayson County High School teacher has passed the WKU Doctoral Qualifying Exam.

Gail McCrady, who has taught English, Communication and Speech, and Journalism for 27 years at GCHS, recently passed the demanding exam. McCrady also serves as the high school’s Dual Credit Coordinator, and is a professor at WKU, ECTC, SKY Tech, and Meade County ATC.

The three-part Ed.D. qualifying exam consisted of two separate research writing segments. One encompassing Leadership Ethics and Leading Groups or Teams; one regarding Education and Organizational Leadership with a specialized emphasis on Postsecondary Education. The exam also included two analyses of methods-based research pedagogy, with McCrady’s scores earning high distinction.

The Western Kentucky University Institutional Review Board (IRB) has approved McCrady to advance to data collection for her dissertation on Response to Intervention (RTI), which she will present to the WKU Doctoral Educational Leadership Committee for future publication.

“I’m very honored to be validated after all these years of academic excellence in and out of the classroom, both personally and professionally,” she said. “I’ve always pushed my students, colleagues, as well as myself to expect nothing less than best. I hope my educational successes drive others to seek their own educational and professional goals and accomplishments.”

Prior to arriving at GCHS, McCrady taught two years at North Hardin High School and 10 years at WKU.

McCrady is the daughter of the late John R. and Diana Tomes. She is married to Kenny McCrady, and has two children, Hunter and Hannah.

By Grayson County Schools and Ken Howlett, News Director